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Walmart Hones in on Hispanic Market with Specific Strategies

Walmart Hones in on Hispanic Market with Specific Strategies

Monday, October 31st, 2016

There’s a new contender for buy-side strategies, and this time retailers are honing in on the Hispanic demographic. According to one analyst, Walmart is quickly becoming a top choice for Hispanic shoppers in Texas in the face of innovative consumer-focused plans of action.

Edward T. Rincón, President, Rincón & Associates

“The foreign-born shopper is looking for a different shopping environment than the native-born shopper. They want special meat cuts and fresh produce,” stated Edward T. Rincón, President of Dallas-based research firm Rincón & Associates, according to Dallas News. 

Performed every five years, Rincón’s latest survey installation of Dallas-Forth Worth Hispanic shoppers shows that consumers are flocking to the giant retailer. Whereas Walmart was not previously the top choice of non-U.S. born Hispanic shoppers, both U.S. and non-U.S. born consumers are putting Walmart at the top of their preferential lists

Hispanic Shopper Chart

Specific strategies to engage Hispanic consumers have helped Walmart secure its stature amongst shoppers. According to the Dallas News, the retailer has moved further than its placement from 2011 due in part to carrying a mix of both nationally branded items and traditionally Hispanic items. 

Walmart Store Manager Robert Rhoden asserted that his location in the Dallas-Forth Worth area listens to what its Hispanic consumers wants, carries the items that are requested, and features Hispanic items up front. 

For instance, Rhoden’s store decorates the bakery with piñatas, and features staple Hispanic bakery items such as bolillo rolls and flan. Other Walmart bakeries are also adding Cortadillo cakes and pastries, including conchas pan dulce and empanadas, to further localize its stores to consumers.

Walmart isn’t the only retailer that’s looking to hone in on the Hispanic consumer, with H-E-B, Kroger, Albertsons, Fiesta Mart, and El Rancho Supermercado also showing as consumer favorites in Rincón’s survey. 

Could Walmart soon expand its Hispanic market strategies past Texas and into other demographics and regions? Deli Market News will have the latest as buy-side competition ramps up.