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Walmart Launches Next-Gen, Small Format Grocery Store in China

Walmart Launches Next-Gen, Small Format Grocery Store in China

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

In the era of Amazon, retail giants like Walmart are having to adapt, and quickly. In an effort to stay on top of the latest in grocery, Walmart is opening its first small-sized supermarket outlet in China: a futuristic shop fitted with “smart retail” tech features, according to Reuters.

The store, located in Shenzhen, will stock approximately a mere 8K products—90 percent of which will also be available on Walmart’s Chinese online marketplace, the news source reported.

Walmart storefront

Increasing its accessibility and ease-of-use even further, the new tech-savvy shop offers delivery to customers within a two-kilometer radius in as little as 29 minutes. Customers at the new Walmart facility will also have access to a mini program on Tencent Holding Ltd’s WeChat as they shop, bypassing traditional checkout counters and paying on their mobile devices, according to Reuters.

This move not only fortifies Walmart against encroaching Amazon, but also grants the retailer foothold in China where retail and tech groups like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd have already begun working to integrate shoppers’ online and offline experiences.

Last week, Walmart also nabbed former Tesco executive Simon Belsham for the position of President of to continue to keep up with Amazon and online grocery trends.

Will Walmart's new format prove successful, leading the retailer to take it to the States next? Deli Market News will continue to report as the story unfolds.