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Walmart Restructures its U.S. Operations

Walmart Restructures its U.S. Operations

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

As Walmart looks to streamline business and quicken its growth, the company has announced a plan to downsize from six divisions to four.

“Our last field restructure was several years ago and our business has changed over that time,” the retailer said in a statement yesterday, according to Reuters. “The structure we are putting in place will help improve communication and execution, streamline decision-making, and help us accelerate our pace of change.”

Currently structured across the West, South East, South Central, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions, a source close to the matter said the new divisions will take on a “different look.”

“We had a similar structure in place three years ago and we are going back to that,” the source explained, but did not gave the news source further details.


Part of the restructuring includes downsizing from 44 regional managers to 36, with expectations that the overall restructuring will be complete come October.

Walmart has made a number of strategic moves in recent weeks as the grocery market has continued to heat up, including investing in growing its presence in the Brazilian market with a $316 million revamp plan and launching a partnership with Google to take on Amazon’s Alexa voice shopping technology.

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