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Rogue Creamery Donates 1% of October Sales to American Cheese Education Fund

Rogue Creamery Donates 1% of October Sales to American Cheese Education Fund

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

It's that time of year again - American Cheese Month, yay! Now we all have a legitimate reason to gorge ourselves on cheese. More importantly, all of that stuffing of our faces with rich, creamery goodness won't be in vain.

Starting this month, which is already half-over (sorry for not getting this out sooner), Rogue Creamery will donate 1% of its sales of its products to the ACEF, or American Cheese Education Foundation. What better way to celebrate the occasion than by incentivising consumption while at the same time increasing awareness and knowledge of the wonderful world of cheese?

If you didn't already know, "ACEF was created to educate people about the art and science of artisanal and specialty cheese and it supports existing and new educational efforts to further learning opportunities for all those interested in producing, marketing, selling, and appreciating North America's artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses," according to the press release, which is great. Perusing the cheese aisle at the grocery store is always better when there's a certified cheesemonger on hand to help you explore and discover new and familiar cheese flavors, combinations, and trends. This is especially true if the store's selection is expansive, which can be intimidating and time-consuming.

Luckily, this program enhances the educational opportunities ACEF can offer, like the Certified Cheese Professional certification program, of which two Rogue Creamery staff members were among the first to successfully complete in the U.S., Tom Van Voorhees and Chelsea Faris.

Rogue Creamery and ACEF, we applaud your efforts and encourage all of our readers to spread the word and the cheese this month.

For additional information about ACEF go to and for additional information about American Cheese Month, October, go to

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