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Saputo's Jessica Sharma Highlights Specialty Cheese Brands

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Is anyone else’s head still spinning from Winter Fancy Food Show? From seeing and tasting the latest and greatest products for myself to mingling with old friends and new, there is still a lot to unpack from WFFS, and I’m not just talking about my suitcase.

One company that’s had an especially big 2018 was Saputo Specialty Cheese. At the show, I had the opportunity to chat with Marketing Specialist Jessica Sharma to unpack a bit of the major moves the company made to stay atop the cheesemaking game.

Jessica Sharma, Marketing Specialist, Saputo“We’re highlighting our Montchevre® brand and our Stella® brand as well. We acquired Montchevre a year ago, so we're excited to bring an already great brand even further. So, we're excited to show the entire product line,” Jessica said to me. “And then with our Stella brand, we're featuring four new flavors of our Fontinella® hand-rubbed wedges and our Fresh Mozzarella as well.”

Saputo first revealed a merger was in place with Montchevre in 2017, with 2018 becoming a year full of wins, accolades, and accomplishments. This, Jessica noted, was largely due to the company’s hardworking and dedicated team.

Stella® Fontinella® hand-rubbed wedges and Fresh Mozzarella

“Our sales people really focus on fostering their relationships with our customers, and we try to provide solutions that are unique and specialized to each customer so that the product fits better in their retail store,” Jessica continued.

To unpack the entirety of Saputo Specialty Cheese’s big year for yourself, check out our exclusive interview above!

Saputo Specialty Cheese

Crafting Cheese for Four GenerationsSchuman Cheese - Custom orders. Flexible solutions. Reliably excellent cheese.

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