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7 Mile Brands Launches PRETZELIZED™; Sammy Kestenbaum and Jason Cohen Share

7 Mile Brands Launches PRETZELIZED™; Sammy Kestenbaum and Jason Cohen Share

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

A pretzel revolution is taking form as CPG brand incubator 7 Mile Brands announces the launch of its newest food band: PRETZELIZED. The brand sets out to reimagine classic snacks by transforming them into pretzels.

Sammy Kestenbaum, Chief Executive Officer, PRETZELIZED™“As a pretzel lover, I’ve been wanting to shake up the more conventional pretzel snack options at the grocery store with something more exciting,” said Sammy Kestenbaum, Chief Executive Officer of PRETZELIZED. “We’ve seen the foodservice and restaurant industries introduce innovative pretzel offerings, so why not reinvigorate the retail category by doing the same? We saw an opportunity to deliver a new snacking experience that fulfills the desire for both nostalgia and newness by transforming classic snacks, like snacking crackers and pita chips, into pretzels…and introducing them into new grocery store aisles.”

The new brand has brought two creative snacking solutions to market: Pretzel Crackers and Pretzel Pita Chips.

7 Mile Brands’ new PRETZELIZED™ label sets out to reimagine classic snacks by transforming them into pretzelsAs a press release detailed, Pretzel Pita Chips combine an artisan, double-baked pita chip with the crunchy, salty, golden shell of a pretzel, making them the perfect pairing for any dip. Pretzel Crackers, on the other hand, combine the same crunchy golden pretzel shell with a bite-sized snacking cracker, making them ideal for lunchboxes or anywhere on the go.

To bring these product innovations to life, PRETZELIZED pioneered a new manufacturing process by building custom, proprietary machinery capable of transforming two favorite snacks into one.

Jason Cohen, Chairman Founder, 7 Mile Brands“Over the past few decades, we’ve disrupted and elevated several various snack categories including puff snacks, popcorn, cookies, and chips, but PRETZELIZED may be our biggest snack revolution yet,” said Jason Cohen, Chairman Founder of 7 Mile Brands. “We’re taking one of the oldest snacks in the world and for the first time ever, combining it with other popular snacks to wake up the entire snacking category. Nothing like PRETZELIZED has hit shelves before and we can’t wait for snackers to join our ‘pretzelution.’”

PRETZELIZED 6.5 oz Pretzel Crackers are now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and ShopRite in Sea Salt, Cheddar, and Honey Mustard flavors. In addition, PRETZELIZED 7 oz Pretzel Pita Chips are available nationwide at Fresh Market and in the Kroger deli department in Sea Salt, Everything, and Buffalo flavors. Both products are also available on Amazon and will continue to roll out in additional national retailers in the coming weeks.

Where will these unique new snacks land next? DMN will be here to report.