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A L'Olivier's Jérôme Blanvillain Reveals New Vinaigrettes

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

If there’s one thing we always love to hear about at trade shows, it’s the bounty of success partnerships between two industry powerhouses are producing. The show floor is transformed into a celebration that then gets carried back to our office, where we get to report on it for weeks to come. At the Summer Fancy Food Show earlier this year, A L’Olivier and De Medici Atalanta were celebrating a 27-year-long partnership as well as De Medici’s 40th anniversary, and you can bet the Deli Market News team was celebrating, too!

I chatted with Jérôme Blanvillain, Marketing Manager of A L’Olivier, to find out how the two companies are commemorating their partnership and anniversary. Spoiler alert: with lots and lots of products, of course!

Jérôme Blanvillain, Marketing Manager, A L’Olivier“We are launching three new vinaigrettes made of our best vinegars and our best oils,” Jérôme revealed to me. “The vinaigrettes are very versatile, very easy to use. There is no water inside, so it’s oil and vinegar together, no emulsifier, no chemicals. It’s a real product, very tasty.”

A L’Olivier has launched new vinaigrettes to coincide with its 27-year-long partnership with De Medici Atalanta

Along with new vinaigrettes, the A L’Olivier team was also jubilant over the award its bell pepper vinegar won this year. The bell pepper vinegar is made of 40 percent bell peppers and chilis from France, and is delicious when paired with olive oil.

Jérôme also noted that the packaging is eye catching, making it the perfect product to cross merchandise with olive oil in the produce or meat aisles.

The company is also celebrating its award-winning bell pepper vinegar

“When Atalanta bought De Medici, we started working with Atalanta,” Jérôme continued, taking the conversation back to where it started: A L’Olivier’s partnership with Atalanta. “We have an excellent relationship with the team. They bring so much more power than we used to have before…so, the partnership with Atalanta is very very important.”

To hear more from Jérôme, check out our exclusive video interview above.

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