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Aaron Flamini Discusses Amedei Tuscany's Collection

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Winter Fancy Food Show is a sight for sore eyes—and then some! It’s also a balm for the soul, as each product you pass by sparks a little bit of joy. (It would be impossible to Marie Kondo the place.) One such product I couldn’t put down were those made by Amedei Tuscany. I spoke with Aaron Flamini, National Sales Manager, to learn a little bit more about what the chocolatier had to offer.

Aaron Flamini, National Sales Manager, Amedei Tuscany“Amedei has been around for over 20 years. It’s a pioneer in direct trade—which began with bar chocolate from Tuscany. Our Crema Toscana is fairly new to the market. It is a chocolate and hazelnut spread. But unlike others, ours [has] no palm oil, no sunflower lecithin, and no soy lecithin,” Aaron explained.

Amedei Tuscany shared details of its hazelnut and chocolate at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show

As a profound lover of the hazelnut and chocolate combination, I was instantly wooed. However, the company had additional products to share with me, securing my love forever.

Amedei Tuscany sources high-quality ingredients from Italy to make its premium chocolate ingredients

“For the 50g bar of our Fruit collection, each bar has an inclusion, and it’s [made with] the best ingredients from Italy. For instance, this bar right here is pistachios from Bronte. The pistachios from Bronte are the most famous in Italy. Again, we import them from Sicily, roast them in-house, and include them with our white chocolate,” Aaron noted.

To learn more, watch our exclusive video above.

Amedei Tuscany