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Aldi Enters New Foodservice Partnership With McDonald's

Aldi Enters New Foodservice Partnership With McDonald's

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Hand in hand with industry partners, companies are working tirelessly to support one another in the wake of COVID-19. As the foodservice sector grapples with restaurant closures, grocers are stepping up to help. Aldi and its German operations, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, recently announced their partnership with McDonald’s German branch. After signing an agreement, the retailer will refer workers from the burger chain to its stores.

Holger Beeck, Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's Germany“Everyone in Germany is currently asked to do their part to cope with the crisis. With this solution, we can do this and at the same time offer a classic win-win situation: Our employees can—if they want to—continue to be employed. At the same time, Aldi benefits from additional resources. And this ensures for the company in Germany that Aldi can act fully even during the crisis,” said Holger Beeck, CEO of McDonald's Germany.

Both Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have signed an agreement with McDonald’s Germany that will refer workers from the burger chain to the retailer’s stores

According to a press release, McDonald’s workers can be deployed to Aldi as long as required, after which they can return to the fast casual chain.

Stefan Kopp, Managing Director of Buying and Spokesman, Board of Directors, Aldi Süd“We are very pleased that we are receiving support from McDonald’s Germany in such an uncomplicated manner,” said Stefan Kopp, Managing Director of Buying and Spokesman for Aldi Süd’s Board of Directors. “In sales and logistics in particular, our employees work tirelessly to cope with the high demand and to secure the food supply.”

Nicolás de Lope, Managing Director, Aldi Netherlands and Spokesman, Board of Directors, Aldi NordNicolás de Lope, Managing Director of Aldi Netherlands, and Spokesman for the Board of Directors of Aldi Nord, added: “Special times require special solutions. This form of cooperation has so far been unique for ALDI. We are convinced that we can overcome this crisis with unconventional solutions and strong cohesion. "

Across the United States, retailers are ennacting similar programs, such as Florida chain Sedano’s, which brought on workers from local restaurants. In addition, Giant Eagle has partnered with brands in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a press release explained, to ensure that workers are able to support themselves during this difficult time.

As demand for grocery continues to climb, critical partnerships such as these will continue to arise.

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