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Allison Schuman Details Schuman Cheese's Core Lines

Friday, August 5th, 2022

Specialty cheese is taking its spot in shoppers’ baskets, and Schuman Cheese is ensuring the category remains fresh and innovative. We took a deep dive into the cheesemaker’s portfolio with Allison Schuman, Chief Business Development Officer, to learn more about its Delve product line, extra-aged Copper Kettle, and Vevan cream cheese.

Allison Schuman, Chief Business Development Officer, Schuman Cheese“Delve for me is really exciting because it’s bleeding-edge in the category,” Allison details about the refrigerated mascarpone truffles. “You’ve got amazing mascarpone flavor, sustainably sourced. There’s nothing in there that’s like it. So we’re really pitching that both to specialty cheese as well into the dessert category.”

The cheesemaker’s extra-aged Copper Kettle also made its way to prominence on retailer’s shelves and onto consumers’ cheeseboards. Cello Copper Kettle has been part of the company’s core line for a long time, and the 36-month aging process is one that can’t be beaten.

Schuman Cheese recently spotlighted its extra-aged Copper Kettle cheese, which utilizes a 36-month aging process

With shoppers looking for more plant-based products, Schuman Cheese has just the lineup to satisfy demands.

“It’s always nice for us as a cheese company with an 80-year history to branch out into the plant-based set,” Allison explains, “and reach a new subset of consumers that maybe are lactose intolerant, have allergies, or just looking for something that has a more sustainable carbon footprint.”

With shoppers looking for more plant-based products, Schuman Cheese’s Vevan lineup satisfies demands

Check out the video above to hear it all!

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