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The Ambriola Company Launches New Cheese Line

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

It’s been weeks since this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show wrapped, but we’re still reveling in the new products that made their official debut. Of these recent product launches, Ambriola’s new Locatelli cheese bowl was one that stuck out in the Deli Market News team’s mind—after all, have you seen a cheese bowl on retail store shelves…ever!? We sure haven’t, which is why we sat down to chat with Phil Marfuggi, President and CEO of The Ambriola Company, to find out more about the cheese brand’s latest product debut.

Phil Marfuggi, President and CEO, The Ambriola Company“We're featuring a new item for us: the iconic, number one-selling Locatelli brand of Italian cheese in the country,” Phil shared with me on the show floor before diving into the ins and outs of the company’s new cheese bowl product.
“We've come up with a cheese bowl. It can not only be used as a promotional device, but you also could retail the product.”

While it's not a cheese bowl per se, this new packaging is sure to turn heads at retail. In addition to its mysterious, yet thought-provoking cheese bowl product, Ambriola also showcased a few of its top-sellers and some of the most innovative items in its product portfolio.

The Ambriola Company recently debuted its new Locatelli cheese bowl, which joins its vast portfolio of imported cheeses and brands

Specifically, Phil pointed out Ambriola’s Shredded and Grated Cups.

“The cups are offered in Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Three Cheese Blend, and Imported Parmesan,” Phil listed.

To hear more from Phil himself, check out our exclusive interview above. And for more show coverage as it pertains to the deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods industry, keep checking out daily news from Deli Market News.

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