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The Ambriola Company President and CEO Phil Marfuggi Discusses New Product Offerings

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

This January, attendees at Winter Fancy Food Show were privy to the latest and greatest product offerings and innovations from specialty food purveyors from around the world. And Italian cheese importer The Ambriola Company was there showcasing new additions to its various lines of authentic Italian cheeses.

We spoke with President and CEO Philip Margfuggi to find out what was new with the near-100-year-old legacy brand bringing fresh offerings to consumers coast to coast.

Philip Marfuggi, President and CEO, The Ambriola Company“A few months ago we introduced a new Crema item,” Phillip explained. “We have our two new flavors that are in there…We have an asiago and also a Parmigiano Reggiano with black truffle.”

And, Philip tells me there are other developments in the works for the company. Ambriola is retooling packaging for some of its popular offerings.

The Ambriola Company's Crema, which is available in two flavors

“We have two new packaging designs for our Sunday Blend—which is a premium Parmesan—and our Locatelli Pecorino Romano Blend, and that’s now available in a five ounce cup,” Philip added.

The Ambriola Company's Sunday Blend now comes in a five ounce cup

Additionally, he told me, the company recently introduced a 7 oz exact-weight wedge for its Locatelli Pecorino Romano—complete with a new packaging design of its own.

For more, watch our brief video interview above.

The Ambriola Company