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Ample Hills Debuts Colorful New Packaging Design; Michael Zapata, Amanda Melhuish, Lauren Kaelin, and Chuck Green Comment

Ample Hills Debuts Colorful New Packaging Design; Michael Zapata, Amanda Melhuish, Lauren Kaelin, and Chuck Green Comment

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

The frozen aisles have just gotten a lot more colorful, as Ample Hills Creamery has debuted a unique new pint design for its eight core flavors. Now, consumers can find the dairy maven’s delicious Ooey Gooey Butter Cake; PB Wins the Cup; Peppermint Pattie; Chocolate Milk & Cookies; Baked/Unbaked; Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace; Coffee Toffee Coffee; and Just Vanilla, Please, flavors encased in a vibrant, nostalgic design that offers context for each and every flavor. In addition to the new packaging, Ample Hills has also announced new Kosher certification for all eight of its core flavors.

Michael Zapata, Chief Executive Officer, Ample Hills Creamery“This packaging redesign and new certification are an exciting moment to celebrate the team’s incredible achievements,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Zapata. “We are so excited to see these beautiful new pints on grocery store shelves across the country, as they capture the essence of Ample Hills and continue to bring joy to our neighborhoods.”

According to a press release, each of the new pint designs feature individual colors that signify each different flavor, ranging from mint green on Peppermint Pattie to deep espresso brown on Coffee Toffee Coffee.

Ample Hills Creamery has recently debuted a unique new pint design for its eight core flavors

With alluring illustrated themes on each pint, such as an arcade scene, classic dinner setting, and an old-school drive-thru movie theater, the high graphic pints are created to evoke happy memories and feelings of nostalgia.

Amanda Melhuish, Brand Manager, Ample Hills Creamery“The experience of eating ice cream is so often a sentimental one—our over-the-top flavors can feel new and familiar all at once—so we crafted a concise copy that takes customers on that journey before they even open the pint,” explained Amanda Melhuish, Brand Manager.

The new packaging also eliminates the company’s use of plastic lids, introducing a heat seal that goes around the top of each pint to ensure it stays cool and fresh significantly longer. This evolution of the Ample Hills pint has been in development for several years, as noted in the press release.

Lauren Kaelin, Creative Director, Ample Hills Creamery“We want it to be easier for consumers to identify each flavor on the shelf, and get a sense of the playful experience of going into an Ample Hills scoop shop,” says Creative Director Lauren Kaelin. “After nearly a decade of focusing on our core flavors, this new design really showcases the evolution of the brand, and how we’ve grown while maintaining all the elements that make our ice cream so special. It’s still flavor-forward, whimsical, and made fresh in Brooklyn from start to finish.”

The new 14 oz pints are officially available at select retailers across the country, in all Ample Hills scoop shops, and online. The debut of its new packaging highlights a pivotal play for Ample Hills to amplify its presence on grocery store shelves, especially in locations that don’t boast an Ample Hills’ scoop shop around the corner.

“After 35 years of tasting and selling ice cream brands throughout the country, I can say with confidence that Ample Hills has created a new standard for quality, flavor, and creativity in the category,” says Chuck Green, Lead Wholesale Representative of Ample Hills and former Vice President of Sales at Ben & Jerry’s.

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