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Atalanta Corporation's Marissa DeMaio and Mariposa Dairy's William Vandenberg Detail Celebrity Sheep Cheese

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

Goat cheese is a staple for any cheese or charcuterie board. With consumers continuing to venture out of their usual shopping purchases, the cheese case has become a treasure trove of delight, and Atalanta Corporation’s Mariposa Dairy is adding to the fortune.

William Vandenberg, Business Development Manager, Mariposa Dairy“We’re showcasing sheep logs, which is an innovation on top of what we traditionally do, which is Celebrity Goat logs,” explained William Vandenberg, Mariposa Dairy’s Business Development Manager. “It’s basically fresh sheep’s milk put into a log form, and it’s really a play on the traditional goat log. We really think it’s the next big thing.”

The Celebrity Sheep logs’ flavor profile is clean and stands out on the shelf. It has almost a cream cheese texture, making it easy to spread and enjoy with its mild profile.

To ease shoppers into this innovative lineup, the provider already has two flavors ready to hit the boards.

“Currently, we have Original and Lavender Honey. The Lavender Honey has created a lot of fans so far,” continued William. “And we are going to be launching two new flavors at the end of this year, so we’ll have a full family of products.”

Atalanta Corporation’s Mariposa Dairy released an innovative line of sheep logs in Original and Lavender Honey

If you’re eager to learn more, Marissa DeMaio, Vice President of Marketing at Atalanta Corporation, has got you covered with its Sneak Peek At The Sheep.

Marissa DeMaio, Vice President of Marketing, Atalanta Corporation“Don’t forget our Celebrity Goat Cheese is Famously Good™, but we’re going to give you a Sneak Peek At The Sheep. We have fresh sheep logs, coming at ya!” exclaimed Marissa. “We’re releasing two flavors right now, but two more to come in 2023. So follow us on Celebrity Goat and find out all about the sheep.”

Check out the full video above to see the two in action, and continue following Deli Market News as we bring you the latest.

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