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Atalanta's Marissa DeMaio Discusses Chimay Cheese & Beer

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Pairing wine and cheese seems second nature to me, but pairing beer and cheese? After speaking with Atalanta’s Director of Marketing, Marissa DeMaio, I may have been convinced that this is the superior pairing option.

Marissa walked us through the Chimay Cheese and Chimay Beer options, explaining what makes these two so special.

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Marketing, Atalanta Corporation“Both are made in the Trappist tradition, and the Trappist tradition means it has to be made within the walls of the monastery or the neighborhood in Chimay, Belgium,” she told me. “What makes Chimay special is that the recipes that go into the cheese and the beer should be partnered and enjoyed together.”

Launching a brand-new program called "Cut. Sip. Repeat.," Atalanta ensures that retailers and their customers are celebrating the two products together.

Both the cheese and beer are made in the Trappist tradition

“No matter what recipe you decide to make with Chimay Cheese, you should always be cutting the cheese, having a bite of it on its own, and enjoying some Chimay beer along with that,” Marissa shared.

Each cheese comes with a recommended bottle to pair for the best flavor combination

The Chimay cheese product line consists of several washed rind cheeses, including Á La Premiére, which is washed in the beer, and the Grand Chimay, a brined cheese.

Marissa teased that there's more to come from Chimay, so watch the exclusive video above for more info!

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