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BelGioioso Cheese's Errico Auricchio Shares Cheese Details

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, BelGioioso Cheese is a familiar face to us in the cheese world. The maker of 27 different kinds of Italian cheeses was a hit on the IDDBA show floor, showing off its familiar lines and some that perhaps might be less well known. I spoke with Errico Auricchio, President, to learn a bit more.

Errico Auricchio, President, BelGioioso Cheese“Our most popular cheese is our fresh mozzarella, which is used for making caprese salad,” he told me, looking stately next to his cheese wares. “We also do a lot of parmesan for grating and for pasta and for other different things.”

The snacking cheeses are perfect for on-the-go—take them to school, munch on them at work, or enjoy at home!

Although its mozzarella and parmesan have seen constant success, Errico shared with me one of the other wins: BelGioioso's snack cheeses.

“They are a convenient size for the people to take to lunch or to school or to work,” he said, and he’s more than right. The cheeses are the perfect size for on-the-go snacking, a hugely popular movement in the food industry.

Belgioioso's artisan cheese line, Artigiano Cheese, is a perfect addition to any charcuterie board

“We also have a line of Artisan Cheeses that are made in a very traditional way—in small batches. They are called Artigiano, and they are usually covered with different flavors like wine or onions. It’s a unique cheese,” he concluded.

For the full interview, please watch our exclusive video above.

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