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BelGioioso Cheese's Tim Cronin Spotlights Polly-O Brand

Monday, August 15th, 2022

Innovative brands make the world go ’round—at least, here at Deli Market News, they do. Such a brand bringing life to the cheese sector is BelGioioso Cheese’s Polly-O brand, which is primed for continued growth. Giving us an exclusive look at this popular lineup, Tim Cronin, General Manager of the Polly-O brand, recently shared some insight on its past and future evolution.

Tim Cronin, General Manager, BelGioioso Cheese“The Polly-O brand itself was founded in 1899, in the New York marketplace. It’s a very, very demanded brand within New York and the growing Northeast market. Kraft purchased it in the ’80s, and now it’s back under the control of an Italian family-owned and operated company,” explains Tim.

As Tim goes on to explain to us, BelGioioso Cheese is taking a laser-focused approach to growing the Polly-O brand, just as the Polly-O family did many years ago.

BelGioioso Cheese’s Polly-O brand is primed for continued growth in the specialty market

“In our portfolio, we have some very high-end dairy items,” Tim explains, giving us a deeper look at what the Polly-O brand has to offer. “What you’re seeing here right now is our string cheese line. So, Polly-O was one of the creators and founders of the mozzarella string cheese category; and you’ve noticed that we brought back the yellow packaging, and we emphasized the parrot to remind people of the roots and history of where the brand came from.”

Find out more about this fan-favored brand in our exclusive video above.

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BelGioioso Cheese

Mifroma - Le Gruyere AOP Shreds - A great topping on a sliced baguette along with your favorite fruit spreadWCMA - World Championship Cheese Contest 2023

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