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Big Y Names New Leaders in Fresh and Local Distribution Center Teams; Richard D. Bossie Comments

Big Y Names New Leaders in Fresh and Local Distribution Center Teams; Richard D. Bossie Comments

Friday, May 17th, 2024

A newly named executive is the latest news to come from Big Y. The retailer has announced a shift within its Fresh & Local Distribution Center team, naming Eric A. Swensen as its new Vice President of Distribution and Logistics. He succeeds Stephen M. Creed, who is set to retire.

Eric A. Swensen, Incoming Vice President of Distribution and Logistics, Big YSwensen’s career with Big Y began in 1985, when he joined the retailer as a part-time service clerk. After gaining experience in several departments, he was later promoted to full-time and has since held a variety of positions managing various departments. In 1997, he was promoted to Store Director, and in 2006, Swensen joined the company’s operations team as District Sales and Merchandising Assistant.

He made his move to the sales and marketing department in 2009, occupying several roles including Manager of Space Management, Director of Frozen Food and Dairy.

Big Y is once again fortifying its fresh operations as it announces changes among its Fresh & Local Distribution Center team

Swensen took the helm as VP of Center Store in 2014, and transitioned to VP of Fresh Foods in 2019.

Stephen M. Creed, Outgoing Vice President of Distribution and Logistics, Big YSwensen takes over for Creed, who will be retiring at the end of this month. With five years at Big Y and 45 years of distribution industry experience under his belt, Creed has helped transform Big Y’s distribution division, according to a press release. These efforts include the implementation of a new warehouse management system, improved communications, and establishing strategic partnerships to ensure the most efficient and timely fresh foods reach their customers every day.

Richard D. Bossie, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Big Y“Steve has been a driving force in building our Fresh & Local Distribution Center through supporting and developing our teams, setting new standards and processes, upgrading equipment and tools in order to supply our stores with fresh and local products in the most efficient and effective way possible. We are all grateful for his strong leadership and vision that have helped both our store teams and customers throughout our chain,” said Richard D. Bossie, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “We are confident that Eric’s 39 years of industry experience will continue to bolster this entire division to ensure our mission of innovation and future growth of Big Y’s self-distribution while maintaining a strong focus on fresh and local products.”

You can read more about this strategic appointment here.

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