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Black Kassel's Dave Brandow Discusses Salami Innovations

Monday, July 15th, 2019

As our industry continues to rise to the occasion of meeting consumer demand for convenience, more and more companies are introducing solutions across the spectrum of innovation. For Piller’s Black Kassel, this has meant updating its packaging for many of its lines of products.

I chatted with Dave Brandow, Director of International Sales, to learn more about Black Kassel and its increasingly convenient lines of products.

Dave Brandow, Director of International Sales, Piller’s Fine Foods“We’ve had great success in bringing these very traditional, very legendary salamis, of Central European heritage, into more consumer-friendly packaging snacking occasions,” Dave began to tell me on the SFFS 2019 show floor.

Dave then went on to highlight Black Kassel’s Charcuterie Trio, a convenient snack-pack providing three of the brand’s most popular shaped products—heart, flower, and square diamond—in one consumer package.

The Charcuterie Trio comes in three shapes: flower, square diamond, and heart

In addition, Black Kassel transitioned its Salami Whips into an individual snack-portion size, for grab-and-go convenience. Dave explained that consumers aren’t just looking for something easy, but something indulgent and delicious. The new packaging for the Salami Whips helps consumers have the best of both worlds.

The new packaging for the Salami Whips offers a convenient, shelf-stable, and indulgent snack to consumers

“All of these new packaging concepts are shelf-stable, so we create selling space in your stores. They come in retail-ready display cases for your operators to easily just pop off the top, and they can put it on a shelf, and it’s ready for consumers to pick it up,” Dave continued.

To get the lowdown from Dave himself, check out our exclusive video interview above!

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