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Brigido’s Markets Joins Allegiance Grocery Co-Op; Mike Fernandez Shares

Brigido’s Markets Joins Allegiance Grocery Co-Op; Mike Fernandez Shares

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

A mutually beneficial partnership has taken place in the retail sector, as New Jersey-based grocery co-op Allegiance Retail Services has added Brigido’s Fresh Markets to its portfolio. After being acquired last year by independent grocers Mike and Melissa Fernandez, the grocer’s Slatersville and Pascoag, Rhode Island, stores will become part of the co-op.

Mike Fernandez, Owner, Brigido’s Fresh Markets“This was an ideal opportunity for our family,” said Mike Fernandez of the purchase, which also included a third Brigido’s location in North Scituate. “We wanted to expand our footprint and as a family hoped to move further up the East Coast. When Brigido’s Markets became available, it was a perfect match for both families. The Brigido’s were looking to sell the markets to someone who would run them as a family run fresh market, and we only operate family-owned stores.”

Allegiance Retail Services is a retailer-owned co-op that includes stores such as Foodtown, Freshtown, Brooklyn Harvest, Market Fresh, Morton Williams, and Shop n Bag. According to NRI NOW, the supermarkets were owned and operated by the Brigido family for more than 80 years, prior to the sale in December.

Brigido's Fresh Markets' stores in Slatersville and Pascoag, Rhode Island, have joined Allegiance Retail Services

Each supermarket has recently been updated, bringing shoppers a more diversified product line and robust promotional program. New lines of organic and natural foods will be offered, and there will be expanded dairy and prepared foods sections, as well as an island of imported meats and cheeses, according to the source.

The grocer has also launched a new website uniting the three stores, which features digital coupons, a weekly circular, and full product lists.

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