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Butterball Invests $8.7 Million in Two Arkansas Processing Facilities

Butterball Invests $8.7 Million in Two Arkansas Processing Facilities

Monday, January 18th, 2021

Butterball is making strategic moves in Arkansas, recently investing a total $8.7 million in two processing facilities. The expansion includes a $4.7 million investment in Ozark, where the company will create 160 jobs, and a $4 million investment in Huntsville, where it will create 200 new jobs.

Jay Jandrain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Butterball“Having been a longstanding employer in Arkansas through our feed mills, turkey growing operations and production facilities, Butterball appreciates the continued support from the state of Arkansas as we look to expand some of our processing operations at our Huntsville and Ozark, Arkansas facilities,” said President and CEO Jay Jandrain in a press release. “We are proud to continue to be vital contributors to and key supporters of the local communities in which we operate and we’re grateful for the hardworking people of Arkansas.”

The Huntsville facility produces pre-packaged fresh, frozen, and cooked whole turkeys; turkey breasts and roasts; and pre-packaged bone-in tray pack turkey products. Butterball plans to upgrade processing equipment, expand cooler space, and implement production line modifications. The existing facility will also be remodeled to include a new training area, team member welfare areas, and offices.

Butterball will be investing a total $8.7 million to expand two of its Arkansas processing facilities

At the Ozark facility, Butterball produces pre-packaged fresh and frozen whole turkeys. The company plans to upgrade processing equipment and expand refrigeration capacity. Butterball will also remodel many of the team member welfare areas at the facility.

Throughout Arkansas, Butterball also has a third processing facility in Jonesboro, as well as feed mills in Yellville and Alix.

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