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Califia Farms Debuts Mint Chip Oat Creamer

Califia Farms Debuts Mint Chip Oat Creamer

Friday, May 6th, 2022

It is a controversial opinion, I have learned, but Mint Chocolate Chip is one of the top-tier ice cream flavors that has ever been invented in my opinion. The marriage of cool mint with the rich chocolate flavors go perfectly in every scoop of ice cream—and don’t forget the chocolate chips! Califia Farms is satisfying every sweet tooth out there by turning this frosty flavor into liquid perfection with its latest release: Mint Chip Oat Creamer.

“This new addition to the Califia Farms portfolio is yet another fun opportunity to expand plant-based options for consumers who are eager to experiment and recreate their favorite coffee drinks at home,” the company stated. “Mint Chip Oat Creamer caters to these consumers looking to try fun flavors, with less calories than most dairy and non-dairy creamers and ingredients that are Non-GMO Certified, Glyphosate free, Kosher, and free from carrageenan.”

Califia Farms has expanded its lineup of creamers with new limited-edition Mint Chip Oat Creamer

The beverage company adds this latest flavor to its popular line of dairy-free, plant-based creamers. Available for a limited time only, this decadent creamer combines the luscious creaminess of oat milk with the delightful flavor experience of a scoop of mint chip ice cream.

Coming out just in time for summer weather here in the States, the new creamer blends beautifully into hot or iced coffee and turns morning brew into a richly flavored and remarkably creamy cup.

Mint Chip Oat Creamer joins Califia Farms’ line of best-selling oat milk creamers and is available at leading conventional and natural retailers, including Albertsons Safeway Seattle, H-E-B, and Sprouts Farmers Market.

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