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Califia Farms' Greg Steltenpohl Discusses New Oat Platform

Monday, January 27th, 2020

The oat milk craze knows no bounds. While the dairy alternative originally gained steam in 2019, it isn’t losing any traction with consumers across retail and foodservice in 2020—a fact that is only increasing tenfold with the likes of Califia Farms' new Oat platform launch.

Califia Farms' packaging across its Oat platform is another way the company is infusing innovation into a relatively new category

If you found yourself at Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) a few weeks ago, you probably swung by Califia Farms’ booth, which was chock full of all of the company’s newest Oat renditions. While these renditions are adding more oomph to the company's line, they're also helping to pump up a quickly burgeoning category with new innovation. I chatted with Greg Steltenpohl, Founder and CEO, to find out more about Califia Farms’ new products that are shaking up a fresh category.

Greg Steltenpohl, Founder and CEO, Califia Farms“Today we’re talking about our new Oat platform launch, which is really spanning a whole range of products from some reformulations of our coffee SKUs to Oat Barista, which has become one of our most popular, successful launches in the history of our company,” Greg disclosed to me on the show floor.

Califia Farms’ core line also includes that iconic blue bottle, which offers supermarket and specialty retailers oat milk in a 48-ounce capacity. A stunning addition to any store shelf, the packaging of Califia Farms' unsweetened oat milk is just another way the company is infusing innovation into a relatively new category.

The debut of Oat Nitro was part of Califia Farms' Oat platform launch, which is available at Target and Sprouts Farmers Market

“Just in these two months, a complete line of Oat Nitro also launched, which is an RTD shelf-stable can. It’s great for e-commerce, for pantry stockings, and has an incredible widget in it that gives you the full whoosh and frothy mouthfeel that’s really great about Nitro,” Greg continued.

With all of these exciting new products from Califia Farms officially launched at Target and Sprouts Farmers Market, there’s no denying that oat milk is the future of innovation—especially with Califia Farms at the helm.

As we continue to recount all that wowed us from the WFFS, stay right here with Deli Market News.

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