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Carr Valley Cheese Company's Elle Williams Showcases Cheese Products

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

We are always impressed by the vastness of the cheese category, and that is due in part to the innovation happening at Carr Valley Cheese. We recently spoke with Elle Williams, Director of Sales and Brand Development, to get a sneak peek at the company’s newest products, including the Snow White Goat Cheddar.

Elle Williams, Director of Sales and Brand Development, Carr Valley Cheese Company“This is a goat Cheddar that's bandage wrapped and naturally cave aged. You get that touch of tanginess, but also really nice earthy notes. It's just a very clean cheese,” Elle began. “The Gran Canaria we soak in olive oil so it has just a touch of funkiness from that. But you get every single milk flavor.”

The Cave Aged Marisa is another example of an innovative cheese sporting earthy notes. Butter, as Elle pointed out, is another key product.

Carr Valley Cheese’s portfolio includes goat, sheep, and mixed cream butter alongside a variety of renowned cheese offerings“We do goat, sheep, a mixed cream butter, and a regular cow cream butter. The freshness and also it is so high in fat [that] you'll put it in your mouth and it's like icing. It just disappears and it's just so delectable,” Elle added.

Last but not least, Carr Valley’s 2008 Vintage Cheddar was also recently released. This item further proves Sid Cook’s master cheesemaking skills.

Check out the video above for more from Elle herself.

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