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Carr Valley Cheese's Elle Fearing Talks Shop About the Newest, Latest, and Gooey-Est Cheeses

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Each summer, the best in the biz converge on Orlando, Florida, to attend the circus of food that is IDDBA. With so many competing companies and products, it’s hard to offer up something that truly stands out. Carr Valley, however, is making waves with its extensive line of cheeses that can satisfy any palate, and expose consumers to new flavors. I spoke with Elle Fearing, National Sales Representative, about new varieties and what makes Carr Valley special.

Elle Fearing, National Sales Representative, Carr Valley Cheese“We make a variety of sheep, goat, cow, and mixed-milk cheeses,” she said. “Sid Cook was one of the first people in the country to do a mixed milk cheese about 20 years ago, and it’s our Menage.”

While the Menage is the cheese that put Carr Valley on the map, so to speak, the company produces an extensive line of mixed-milk cheeses, as well as specialty varieties including Marisa, Carr Valley’s most popular sheep milk. The Marisa variety was named after the owner’s daughter and is a definite crowd favorite. Elle also mentioned what the company has on the horizon.

Carr Valley Cheese's new Boozin' Ewe variety helps the company stand out from the pack

“Our newest product is our Boozin’ Ewe, which is Marisa dipped in our local port wine from Wollersheim winery—just another way to kind of differentiate ourselves from other companies,” she commented.

Watch the rest of our video above to learn more about what Carr Valley has in store. Deli Market News will continue to deliver more tantalizing exclusives.

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