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Celebrity Goat Cheese Unveils New Seasonal Flavors

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Have you ever met a celebrity? If you were in attendance at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, you most certainly have—especially if you swung by Atalanta’s booth to sample Celebrity Goat Cheese’s famously good items. On the show floor, we chatted with Marissa DeMaio, Director of Marketing for Atalanta Corporation, to find out what’s new with the star-studded brand.

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Marketing, Atalanta Corporation“We’re more famously good than ever before because we just launched our seasonal flavors line, and we are super excited about it,” Marissa told me. “Fall, winter, spring, or summer, we’ve got you covered.”

In the fall, the brand will be releasing on-trend flavors like Maple Toffee, Horseradish Dill, and Spiced Sweet Potato. For the winter months, Celebrity Goat Cheese will be launching cozy flavors like Cappuccino and Truffle. And in the spring and summer, the brand will be heating up the cheese case with Beet & Chive, Cucumber Lemon, and Amarena Cherry flavors.

Celebrity Goat Cheese's new seasonal flavors line includes items like Maple Toffee, Horseradish Dill, Spiced Sweet Potato, Cappuccino, Truffle, Beet & Chive, Cucumber Lemon, and Amarena Cherry

“We’re super excited to launch these flavors! But it wouldn’t be Atalanta if we weren’t launching them with a bunch of swag to help our retailers,” Marissa continued. “We have cutting boards, recipe cards—you even get to have a pin that tells you ‘you met a celebrity!’ How fun is that?”

Lastly, Celebrity Goat Cheese is shining a spotlight on Mariposa Dairy, which makes the brand’s goat cheese, in an all-new video, debuting soon.

To hear more from Marissa herself on the new flavors, swag, and marketing efforts happening over at Celebrity Goat Cheese, check out our exclusive video interview above.

Celebrity Goat Cheese

Some things do get better with age.Beano's - First in Deli. Always Delicious.Odyssey - Feta Chunk - Traditional and Peppercorn - World Championship Cheese Contest

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