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C.H. Guenther & Son's Erica Elliott Discusses Tribeca Oven Brand

Friday, June 28th, 2019

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at shows like IDDBA, but once your stomach tells you where to go, there’s no stopping its cravings until they’ve been satisfied. At C.H. Guenther & Son’s booth, I was able to satisfy many cravings, particularly those of the carb-filled variety. I spoke with Erica Elliott, Marketing Manager, to find out more about what delicious products the company has to offer.

Erica Elliot, Marketing Manager, C.H. Guenther & Son“What’s great about Tribeca Oven is the process that we have, starting with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no chemicals, no harsh processing, and no GMO ingredients,” she told me.

Alongside its sister companies, Cookietree—which offers clean-label cookies— and Guenther Bakeries Canada—which offers mini Bundt cakes—Tribeca Oven stood apart as an example of excellence.

Only all natural ingredients make up C.H. Guenther & Son’s products

“We’re taking an artisan process and upscaling it and bringing flavors in a format that’s sizable for customers. They can get a lot of flavor without having to invest in a lot of bread, and it’s a great price point at the retail level,” Erica said.

Its petite pull-apart baguettes comes in five flavors: Olive, Garlic, French, Sweet Sesame, and Onion Poppy. Excuse me while I snap them all up—and watch as consumers snap them up, too.

For more information, watch our exclusive video above.

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