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Champignon North America's Sal Perrone Discusses Grand Noir

Monday, July 8th, 2019

We’re hitting summer’s sweet spot, which means every type of food-centered celebration is in full swing, from pool parties, barbecues, and cook outs to dinner parties, sunset soirees, and campfires. And if your consumers know how to throw a party like a Kayla Webb party, then I’m betting cheese boards can be found front-and-center no matter what. At this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, I caught up with Sal Perrone, East Coast Sales Manager of Champignon North America, to get a taste of one hot cheese every board should feature this season and beyond.

Sal Perrone, East Coast Sales Manager, Champignon North America“Today we’re highlighting Grand Noir. It’s our premium blue. It’s made in Bavaria, Germany. It’s a blue cheese that’s hand-dipped in black wax, then it’s pierced and ripened within that wax. It retains a lot of moisture, and it’s aged to perfection to yield a texture that’s luscious and creamy,” Sal described to me on the show floor.

And if shoppers seem to only have a flavor for cheeses of a higher class, rest assured that the Grand Noir fits that mold, holding the 2016 title of Best In Class at the World Championship Cheese Contest—a major point of pride for Champignon. Once shoppers try Grand Noir for themselves, they’ll realize just why this product is a winner!

The Grand Noir holds the 2016 title of Best In Class at the World Championship Cheese Contest—a major point of pride for Champignon

“I really find that Grand Noir hits that sweet spot where you have great flavor and great texture, balanced and approachable—something your customers can really gravitate towards,” Sal concluded.

To learn more about Grand Noir and Champignon North America, watch our exclusive video above.

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