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Conagra Updates Slim Jim and More in Snack Profile

Conagra Updates Slim Jim and More in Snack Profile

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Growing up, we hear adults telling us to not snack too much for fear of ruining appetites, unhealthiness, or etiquette. Now that we’re in 2019 (and almost into 2020, eek!), things are different; consumer mindsets have shifted into different diet regimens that encourage light snacking throughout the day, and there are healthier options available outside the scope of salty potato chips and sugary soft drinks. Conagra Brands is narrowing in on that mindset, shifting its focus from mainly frozen foods to revitalizing its snack profile.

Sean Connolly, President and Chief Executive Officer, Conagra Brands“We play in areas we call neglected coves—meat snacks, popcorn, seeds, sweet treats,” said CEO Sean Connolly on Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade.” “And those are all growing categories. And we have the fastest-growing business in those categories.”

According to Yahoo, Conagra continues to strengthen its $2 billion snack business by expanding into new segments and updating older legacy brands. Some of the names in its snack portfolio include Boomchickapop popcorn, Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, Duke’s sausages, and a new 3-ounce Slim Jim Savage meat stick that has 18 grams of protein.

In efforts to capture a wider range of consumers, Conagra Brands is revitalizing its snack portfolio, including a Slim Jim refresh

The company may own frozen food brands like Healthy Choice and Birds Eye, Conagra has invested a lot of interest in the snacking category due to the younger consumers’ interest in healthier snacking. Products like the Slim Jim meat sticks pose a more attractive appeal to millennials and Gen Z'ers or those that need a quick protein intake.

“Interesting things are happening like the movement away from carbs. So if you look at that trend, you then see the explosion of meat snacks. Meat snacks used to just appeal to teenage boys by and large,” said Connolly. “Now, it appeals to a much wider audience because it's squarely on trend with this whole keto-paleo environment.”

Would the new product draw in the younger crowd as Conagra hopes? Keep reading Deli Market News as we cover more snacky news.