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The Cracker King Shares Upcoming Additions to its Product Lineup; Jovani Milton Prince Discusses

The Cracker King Shares Upcoming Additions to its Product Lineup; Jovani Milton Prince Discusses

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Bringing together a love of food and family, gluten-free cracker brand The Cracker King is taking the grocery aisles by storm. With exciting new flavors, a new product line, and diversification in the pipeline, I got in touch with Jovani Milton Prince, Chief Executive Officer and the Cracker King himself, to get a glimpse into the brand’s history and future.

Jovani Milton Prince, Chief Executive Officer, The Cracker King“I have hunger and a fire in my belly right now because I want to take care of my family and my kids,” Jovani tells me, looking inside the initial drive behind starting the company. “My motivation is being the number-one gluten-free snack food company in the world. That’s where we will be, and that’s what I’m going to do. I want to create something successful for my family so that they can extend it to their families. A generational business.”

With family as the basis for the cracker maker, it came as no surprise when Jovani explains that the recipe for his high-quality products was inspired by none other than his mother. And the person cheering him on to take his mom’s beloved crackers worldwide was his wife.

Backed by a high-quality lineup of crackers, including its award-winning Cheddar 'N Pepper flavor, The Cracker King is working to up its position in the global gluten-free snacking sector

“One day, my family and I visited my mom, and she had made these amazing crackers. They were delicious,” he says. “On the way back home, my wife turned to me and said, ‘You need to make these crackers and sell them.’ That’s what happened to kick-start The Cracker King and get us to where we are today.”

Fueled by a love of food and fine dining, Jovani established The Cracker King, combining mouth-watering flavors like Cheddar ‘N Pepper, which won a Good Food Award in 2021, and Rosemary & Sea Salt, which took home a 2022 Good Food Award. Made with simple, gluten-free ingredients, The Cracker King’s products are not only delicious but accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Building on its portfolio of flavors, such as Good Food Award recipient Rosemary & Sea Salt, The Cracker King plans to diversify its lineup with its new Crowns line for kids

“We use all clean ingredients in our products. It’s very simple. If you see a product on the shelf with a long list of ingredients that you can’t even read, you don’t even know what it is; that’s an issue,” imparts Jovani. “Having simple ingredients also gives you the opportunity to elevate a product because you can really focus on the flavors.”

Keeping this mindset, The Cracker King is launching its latest Parmesan & Herb flavor later this year. The brand is also looking to diversify its portfolio of offerings, starting with a children’s line of crackers called The Cracker King Crowns, which will be hitting store shelves in the next few months, and a potential cookie line that the company will be working on in 2023.

As The Cracker King continues to feed its nationwide growth, Jovani shares that one of the essential things for his company and all others in the food business is working together to encourage success. Especially as the world collectively faces new challenges.

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