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Dalmatia's Co-Founder Neb Chupin Discusses Spread Products

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

Dalmatia’s fig spread has become a charcuterie board staple. I can still remember the first time I paired it with sharp cheddar. Perfection, thy name is cheese pairings. For those consumers anxious to try various cheese pairing combinations, Dalmatia recently launched three new products. To find out the charcuterie possibilities, and to get the deets on these new offerings, I spoke with Neb Chupin, Co-Founder.

Neb Chupin, Co-Founder, Dalmatia“We're non-GMO, organic, and we always come up with new, interesting flavors,” Neb began. “We're distinguished with a very high content of fruit. Our three new products are all organic. We have a Super Berry Spread, which contains aronia [berries], blueberries, and goji [berries].The second spread is our Rose Hip Spread, which is packed with vitamin C. It's got a very smooth flavor, smooth consistency, and it goes very well with cheeses.”

Dalmatia recently released three new products: Organic Super Berry Spread, Organic Rose Hip Spread, and Organic Hazelnut Spread

In addition to those new products, the specialty foods company announced its new Organic Hazelnut Spread. Made without palm oil, it’s a healthier alternative to other hazelnut chocolate spreads on the market.

Each of these products has the potential to take charcuterie boards to the next level. I’m already envisioning the Hazelnut Spread and Berry Spread on some Brie. Don’t call me crazy till you’ve tried it!

To learn more about Dalmatia’s new line, watch our exclusive video above.