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Danone's New Brand Honest to Goodness™ Launches A Line Of Coffee Creamers

Danone's New Brand Honest to Goodness™ Launches A Line Of Coffee Creamers

Friday, April 30th, 2021

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a creamer fiend. I am of the faith that coffee should be sweet and creamy, and I know there are plenty of other consumers who have my back. Danone knows this well, and is helping retailers capture sales in the coffee creamer set, with its Honest to Goodness™ brand, which recently launched a new purpose-driven plant-based creamer line. The brand’s initial product line includes three exciting flavors: Madagascan Vanilla Bean, Unsweetened Madagascan Vanilla Bean, and Himalayan Salted Caramel.

Olivia Sanchez, Vice President of Marketing for Coffee Creamers, Danone North America“In creating Honest to Goodness, we were passionate about developing a unique plant-based creamer that tastes delicious, and also gives back to the planet and regions where we source our ingredients,” said Olivia Sanchez, VP of Marketing for Coffee Creamers at Danone North America. “We are on a mission to bring goodness to your coffee cup, and when you sip our globally-inspired flavors, know that we are committed to making a measurable, positive impact in the communities where our high-quality ingredients are grown.”

Honest to Goodness was founded on a mission to support local communities where its ingredients are sourced and bring a more conscious, purpose-driven creamer to market, a press release explained. Part of the B Corp™ movement, Honest to Goodness is on a journey to make a lasting, measurable positive impact on the communities where its ingredients are grown, starting with vanilla, and doing it all with honesty.

Danone's Honest to Goodness™ brand recently launched a new purpose-driven plant-based creamer line

Honest to Goodness recently tapped up-and-coming Malagasy filmmaker and photographer, Geoffrey Gaspard, to capture an intimate look at the journey of the brand’s vanilla sourcing practices, and impact on the Malagasy community who make the Honest to Goodness mission possible. Geoffrey traveled to the northeast coast of Madagascar to visit the Tambatra, a community-owned cooperative created with support from the Livelihoods Funds, where the brand intends to source its vanilla by the end of the year.

Geoffrey Gaspard, Filmmaker and Photographer“As a Malagasy native photographer, my work is centered around uplifting my local communities through filmmaking and imagery. I was honored to partner with Honest to Goodness to tell the story of their journey in Madagascar, given our local communities are such an integral part of their ingredient story,” said Geoffrey. “When brands value thoughtful sourcing it makes a real difference, and this story hit home personally with me.”

Through its partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG’s, The Canopy Project in Madagascar, Honest to Goodness also works with local tree planting partners to directly engage with the community and promote agroforestry best practices, environmental literacy, and economic development.

David Van Siclen, Business Development Manager, EARTHDAY.ORG’s“We partner with like-minded brands and companies to bring environmental and societal impact at scale to remote communities and villages where ingredients are commonly sourced, and where the people and the planet deserve care and dedication,” said EARTHDAY.ORG’s Business Development Manager, David Van Siclen. “Every acre planted through this program will not only help restore degraded forests but aim to provide meaningful income to local Madagascar families.”

For more details on the impressive efforts Honest to Goodness is making as well as its new creamer line, please check out the full press release here.

Excuse me while I sprint to the grocery store!

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