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David Dottorini Discusses Ficacci's PaperTray Innovation

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Olives make for a great addition to any dish or board. The added texture and flavor give another level when used as an ingredient or makes for a great snack. So when shoppers are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, Ficacci Olive Company has you covered. The company recently spotlighted its latest innovation: PaperTray packaging.

David Dottorini, Export Manager, Ficacci Olive Company“The olives are great, and they have no brine inside, so you taste them without flavorings or coloring,” David Dottorini, the Export Manager for the olive purveyor, explains to us. “It’s a great innovation. It’s the first time we’re proposing olives in the U.S. in a paper tray.”

Ficacci’s new PaperTray is an eco-friendly and recyclable tray that keeps the olives inside fresh like in the plastic containers but without the brine.

Ficacci Olive Company debuted its PaperTray innovation, an eco-friendly packaging option that uses no brine

The company also showcased its fresh pack olives, packaged in the provider’s plastic containers for shoppers looking for variety.

“Our fresh pack is available now throughout the U.S. with our nationwide importer,” continued Dottorini. “It’s available in any store, in plastic 150 g and 5 oz olives in sunflower seed oil.”

Ficacci Olive Company’s fresh pack olives are available now throughout the U.S. in 150 g plastic packaging and 5 oz of olives in sunflower seed oil and a variety of flavors

Check out the video above to see it for yourself and keep an eye out for Deli Market News to bring you the latest.

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