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DePalo Foods' Joseph Piraino Discusses New Labels in Exclusive Video

Monday, July 1st, 2024

DePalo Foods is always a treat to visit with, and during our most recent meeting, East Coast Regional Manager Joseph Piraino told us all we need to know about the supplier’s latest launch.

Joseph Piraino, East Coast Regional Manager, DePalo Foods"We are showcasing our new labeling of our products. So we have a clear film-type label that shows a lot more of the products so that people can see it out of the deli. We also added QR codes to our labels so that people can scan them and have more cooking instructions,” Joseph explained.

DePalo believes that the higher quality the product, the more likely it is that customers will return. To accomplish this, the company hones in on its dough making while ensuring that the delicious filling inside rounds out its portfolio of products.

Showcasing its products' high quality, DePalo has launched new labeling in a clear film-type that shows the offering to shopping consumers“We have a couple of new items in regards to our garlic and herb pizza dough,” Joseph shared, “as well as some new flavors for Calzones and Strombolis and Tear n’ Share."

As we learn more about the lineup, keep reading DMN.

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