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Dietz & Watson Launches New Halloween Campaign

Dietz & Watson Launches New Halloween Campaign

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

What is better than watching your new favorite show? Watching it all at once through streaming services, that’s what. And with each binge-watching session comes the need for delicious snacks. Enter Dietz & Watson, which has turned the popularity of The Sopranos and its return to TV into a new Halloween campaign inspired by Tony Soprano’s favorite snack: capicola, or gabagool.

The campaign kicked off on October 12, and offers everything needed for a spooky Halloween gathering. According to a press release, the campaign is called Halloween Hosting with The Gabaghoul, and features Vincent Pastore being turned into a real ghoul, “The Gababghoul,” a meat and cheese loving monster with a few culinary tips and tricks up his sleeve.

In a series of short videos, the Gabaghoul attempts to show off his tips and tricks, only to have his attempts thwarted by hilarious mishaps that will have consumers laughing as they enjoy Dietz & Watson products.

To promote the campaign, it will be featured on social media and online video through the end of the month. Shoppers can also head to the company’s website to learn more Halloween meat and cheese recipes for any type of celebration.

This is just one of many fun campaigns launched by Dietz & Watson and its creative agency of record, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, leaving us to wonder what its next creation will be.

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