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Eclipse Ice Cream Collaborates With Notable Chefs in New Partnership

Eclipse Ice Cream Collaborates With Notable Chefs in New Partnership

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Eclipse Foods knows that ice cream will continue to live on in the hearts of Americans, but as consumer trends turn, so does the dairy tide. The creator of plant-based dairy products made a name for itself by creating varieties indistinguishable from conventional dairy. Now, the company is seeking out top names, too, partnering with some of the United States’ most exciting chefs.

This limited-edition collaboration will bring new flavors for the summer, with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to chefs' charities of choice. And, for the first time ever, Eclipse offers these exclusive flavors to retailers nationwide.

Eclipse Foods is partnering with some of the United State’s most exciting chefs to launch limited-edition products

Each month through the summer and early fall, Eclipse will launch a new round of limited-edition chef collaboration flavors. To see all of the collaborations, click here to see the press release in full. Some include flavors such as blackberry tarragon ice cream, honey phoenix oolong milk tea ice cream, and sticky bun ice cream. (All delicious, I assume.)

By partnering with a diverse group of notable chefs and restaurateurs—from established Michelin star winners to rising star talent—the company is inspiring both passion and innovation from its foodservice partners to the consumers it creates for. Is that not what ice cream is supposed to do?

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