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CAPEACHIO’S: Simple Done Right
Mifroma - Le Gruyere AOP Shreds - A great topping on a sliced baguette along with your favorite fruit spread

Edouard Pieraerts Details Atalanta's MiFroma USA Showcase

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Grilling season is always a favorite amongst consumers. The warm weather, friends and family gathered around, and cheese in abundance are things many shoppers look forward to. Atalanta’s MiFroma USA is aiming to fill that picnic table with offerings perfect for the occasion.

Edouard Pieraerts, Executive Vice President, MiFroma USA“We’re showcasing all our core items starting with Gruyère, Fondue, and Raclette. We’re also launching an event premiere: the new Grilling Raclette for the grilling season and barbecue season,” Edouard Pieraerts, Executive Vice President of MiFroma USA, shares with us. “Each box contains 7 oz Raclette slices and a pan ready to barbecue and put over the grill.”

The new Grilling Raclette was recently launched to much intrigue, and it is the perfect accompaniment to any grill.
Atalanta’s MiFroma USA recently launched its new Grilling Raclette, perfect for the grilling and barbecue season

“This is a brand-new item; the goal of it is to educate consumers and accompany the new trend of Raclette,” continues Pieraerts. “Raclette can be used not only as a traditional winter dish but also over a burger, or as a melting, grilling cheese.”

Paying a nod to recent trends and demands for a melting, grilling cheese, the new Grilling Raclette pairs well with a burger or meat board

Check out the video above to hear from the man himself, and stick around with Deli Market News as we cover the latest in our industry.

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winter fancy food show, free leadsCAPEACHIO’S: Simple Done RightMifroma - Le Gruyere AOP Shreds - A great topping on a sliced baguette along with your favorite fruit spread

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