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Foxtrot Expands With 50 New Strategic Retail Locations

Foxtrot Expands With 50 New Strategic Retail Locations

Friday, August 6th, 2021

The grocery sector has seen many pivots and advancements in recent years, especially as demand has changed during the pandemic. Convenience has taken a higher precedence on the shopping checkbox list for consumers, and retailers like Foxtrot are picking up on this need. The convenience store recently announced a massive expansion across the country, planning to add 50 new locations in the next two years.

According to the company’s release, Foxtrot is betting on an omnichannel approach in its expansion strategy. Brick-and-mortar experiences will still remain as a focus for the company, especially as iconic real estate has unprecedented availability. The company will be prioritizing curation, culinary CPGs, and design within its stores, catering to an up-scale feel consumers keep an eye out for. The brand is already in Chicago, Washington DC, and Dallas; new markets such as New York City, Austin, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, and others will be added to the roster.

Foxtrot has revealed plans to add 50 new locations in the next two years

As part of Foxtrot’s curation of culinary trends, 40 percent of the company’s stock is comprised of small and local businesses with an active goal to search for new and independently owned culinary trends not typically found in most brick-and-mortar stores. The company marries the convenience of delivery with the experience of in-store discovery and culinary-forward grab-and-go food.

With investors like Blue Hill at Stone Barns’ David Barber; David Chang; former Whole Foods Chief Executive Officer, Walter Robb; and Sweetgreen Co-Founder Nicolas Jammet, Foxtrot stores can be equated to fashion brands more than a convenience store. Foxtrot implements rapid delivery, pickup, and nationwide shipping and focus on anticipatory retail and data to meet consumers’ needs. As the company was digitally capable before the pandemic, Foxtrot saw its sales double and has managed to maintain that growth As noted in the release, retail is up 100 percent YOY and online is up 22 percent YOY.

Where will we see Foxtrot spring up next? And how will the convenience sector continue to grow? Deli Market News will continue to report.