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Fratelli Beretta Debuts New, Convenient Product

Fratelli Beretta Debuts New, Convenient Product

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Though our world is saturated in new conveniences, Fratelli Beretta’s latest product debut is making sure that the consumer eating experience is just as handy, beneficial, and convenient as modern technology. After all, it’s all about the simple things in life, which is exactly what Fratelli Beretta’s new line, La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays, is helping to celebrate.

Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager, Fratelli Beretta“The need for convenience and ready-to-eat platters has always been strong in the retail world. With our new La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays, Fratelli Beretta took this concept to the next level in terms of variety, quality of the components, and appearance,” Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager, shared with me. “In Italian, La Dolce Vita, which translates to the sweet life, is a beloved and popular saying that symbolizes the art of loving and enjoying the simple things in life. This new line is an exciting initiative to make consumers' lives easier when organizing food for a gathering.”

Kimberley went on to note that while it’s hard to gather together at the moment, the La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays help provide that sense of family and home whether consumers are with their loved ones or not. The line’s all-in-one type of format features different products and sub-lines that have been packaged together in order to offer consumers a convenient way to create beautiful entertainment charcuterie boards.

Fratelli Beretta’s new La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays take convenience to the next level by making consumers' lives easier when organizing food and charcuterie boards for a gathering

“With this format, we’re aiming to bring a sense of unity to consumers in this troubling time by designing a platter product that consists of a collection of our diverse offering,” Kimberley continued. "We have selected the best ingredients from our large selection of offerings and partnered with suppliers that share the same values as our organization. With the trays, innovation meets tradition, like in our Dolce Vita Roll and Go Platter, where we differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering a real 50/50 meat-to-cheese ratio in our roll and go product.”

The La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays are available in several combinations like:

  • Dolce Vita Roll & Go Platter – a 12 oz beautifully designed package that includes compartments that build on the format of the Roll & Go Party Tray. The result is a tray that will help consumers create a typical Italian Tagliere, with mixed olives, breadsticks, and roasted almonds.
  • Dolce Vita Charcuterie Platter – this tray features Sliced Natural Prosciutto, Sliced Soppressata, coined-cut Italian Dry Sausage, sliced Provolone cheese, mixed olives, and roasted almonds rounding out its wares.

“The focus of our 200-year-old company has always been on quality and tradition. This is very apparent in our newest creation. We are bringing a little piece of Italy to American retailers,” Kimberley concluded.

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