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FrieslandCampina Rebrands Gayo Azul

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

I know that you shouldn’t look to the past, but when the past hosts memories with big-time cheese names like FrieslandCampina, you return to it no matter what. Although Winter Fancy Food Show is firmly in our rearview, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still feeling the impact of this specialty food show. Companies like FrieslandCampina were showing up and out, announcing rebrands right and left. I chatted with Debbie Seife, Marketing Director of North America, to find out about another important rebrand.

Debbie Seife, Marketing Director North America, FrieslandCampina“We’re really excited to be showing off the rebranding of our Gayo Azul. We have had the brand for many decades in the United States. Much of the cheese comes from Holland, but we do have a couple of items made here in the U.S.,” Debbie explained to me.

The rebranding of this cheese puts more of a focus on the blue rooster, ensuring that consumers and customers are arrested by the packaging itself.

FrieslandCampina rebranded its Gayo Azul line, which offers an array of Dutch cheeses with a Hispanic twist

“We think the brand looks fantastic. We moved from the rooster’s head to showing the full rooster, which is quite traditional in the market,” Debbie noted.

To learn more about the rebranding, the products, and more, watch our exclusive video interview above. And as always, keep checking back in with Deli Market News for the latest in all things cheese.