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FrieslandCampina Showcases Gouda Cheese Selections and Very Berry Goat Cheese; Debbie Seife Details

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Cheese is a category we here at Deli Market News always have on our radar, and FrieslandCampina continues to keep us hooked. We caught up with Debbie Seife to learn more about the new products being added to the creator’s portfolio.

Debbie Seife, Director of Marketing for North America, FrieslandCampina“We brought with us four of our great new flavors in the Royal Hollandia brand,” Debbie, Director of Marketing for North America, tells us. “The first one is Black Garlic, it is a creamy, mild, four-week Gouda. And we have that black garlic, which gives it that umami flavor.”

A savory cheese is something we consumers seek out for our boards, and this flavor bomb is just the item that ticks all the boxes.

FrieslandCampina showed off four new Gouda flavors under its Royal Hollandia brand

If your shoppers are looking for a more nutty or herbaceous addition, look no further than the company’s Walnut Gouda and Garden Herb Gouda.

“We also have a Walnut Gouda, again with a mild Gouda. It’s got walnut pieces throughout,” explains Debbie. “We also have a Garden Herb Gouda, another mild Gouda, and we’ve marinated it with some onions, parsley, chives, and some garlic.”

Each Gouda offering hits a different flavor profile to offer a diverse range of tastes to make boards an irresistible attraction

Obviously, we can’t skip over the sweet cheese lovers. Berries are already a fan favorite on boards, so why not have it within the cheese itself?

Very Berry Goat cheese is made in the same style as a Gouda, of course with goat’s milk. In it, we have strawberries and blackberries,” continues Debbie. “They come in 6 oz retail-sized wedges, and we’ve got easy-to-read labels under the Royal Hollandia brand that shows it’s imported.”

Drooling and curious to learn more? Check out the video above, and click back to Deli Market News.