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FrieslandCampina's Tara Kirch Shares Details on Parrano Cheese

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

At this year’s IDDBA, there were thousands of square feet to cover and only so much time to do so. While I was doing my best to mask my overwhelming delight at near everything, I was unable to maintain my composure when I stopped by FrieslandCampina’s booth. Sporting multiple cheese brands, the dairy cooperative gave me an inside look into its Parrano cheese, and I walked away with a new summertime fave.

Tara Kirch, Senior Marketing Manager, FrieslandCampina“Parrano’s been around for over ten years, but most consumers don’t know about it,” Senior Marketing Manager Tara Kirch tells me. “What’s really interesting is that it’s a cross between a Gouda and a Parmesan, so it’s really approachable.”

Most consumers, she explains, have tried either of those cheeses—and presumably most have liked them! (I mean, how could you not?)

Parrano Cheese is characterized as a blend of creamy gouda and a sweet nutty parmesan

“In addition to that, it’s perfect for summertime barbecuing,” she says. “One of our favorites is jalapeño poppers: The cheese gets really gooey. Another one we really like is on burgers. So, usually you can have American or Swiss, but switch it up! Brings a little bit of different flavor, not too different, and it melts really well.”

Jalapeño poppers AND burgers? Color me utterly delighted.

For more info on this superior cheese, watch our exclusive interview above.