Fromagerie Guilloteau Introduces Newest Offering; Serge Bruno Discusses

Friday, February 9th, 2024

When new products hit the proverbial town, you know we’re excited to hear about it. Naturally, we struck up a conversation with Fromagerie Guilloteau recently to learn more about what the cheese producer has to offer.

Serge Bruno, Export Sales Director, Fromagerie Guilloteau“We have a new product that we want to introduce and we have already some customers that have tasted it. It's a Fromager Peppercorn blend,” explained Serge Bruno, Export Sales Director. “It's a five different peppercorn blend. […] We have this taste of pepper but not so intense.”

As we tasted the product ourselves, there’s the perfectly subtle hint of pepper, followed by the creaminess of the cheese itself. There’s also a surprise crunch, as the crust offers a little bit of bite.

It sounds like an ideal charcuterie board cheese to us!

Fromagerie Guilloteau recently introduced its new Fromager Peppercorn blend

"We bring a new flavor on the soft ripened cheese,” Serge continued. “Apart from that, for the showcase, we have also the full range of Fromager d'Affinois. […] What makes Fromager d'Affinois so successful is this texture.”

The soft ripened texture with a creamy inside makes for a beautiful cheese. To learn more, check out our exclusive video above!

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Fromagerie Guilloteau