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Henning's Wisconsin Cheese Brings Back June Daisies

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese Brings Back June Daisies

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Nostalgia is an integral part of marketing these days, with brands in and out of the food industry tugging on consumers’ heartstrings with longtime classics. Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese is trying a similar strategy as it re-introduces June Daisies, an old favorite, back to the market.

June Daisies is a highly sought-after cheese, made with traditional old-world techniques to achieve both a creamy, smooth mild cheddar and an aged and cured nutty-sharp cheddar flavor—this cheese is clearly versatile!

June Daisies is a highly-sought-after, award-winning cheese that Henning's Wisconsin Cheese is bringing back to the market just in time for summer

The exclusive product gets its name from the month of June, which in Wisconsin is the time of year when the weather has warmed and the days are long, allowing the green grasses and alfalfa fields to come into full bloom, according to a press release. This helps to give the milk and cheese a distinctive summer fresh flavor that consumers have come to love when they enjoy June Daisies cheese.

Available now in limited quantities, this award-winning cheese is a must-have in all retail cheese cases, so get yours today!

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