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Hormel Rolls Out New Campaign on Good Feeds Us All Tour

Hormel Rolls Out New Campaign on Good Feeds Us All Tour

Sunday, March 1st, 2020

Companies are taking their brand promise on the road. The makers of Hormel® Natural® Choice are literally hitting the pavement, touring the country to spotlight organizations and people who work to better the lives of others. The Good Feeds Us All Tour is an extension of the brand’s 2019 advertising campaign of the same name.

Beth Fehrenbacher, Senior Brand Manager, Hormel“We are continuing our brand legacy of doing a little bit more, a little bit better, and shining a light on those in our communities who are also doing a little bit more and a little bit better,” Beth Fehrenbacher, Senior Brand Manager, explained. “Food is at the center of so many special events."

Hormel® Natural® Choice brings positivity to communities around the country through the Good Feeds Us All Tour

According to a press release, the Good Feeds Us All Tour began at the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf. From there, the tour made its way to Dallas, Texas, where Hormel Foods team members highlighted and helped the Birthday Party Project, an organization that throws themed birthday parties for underprivileged kids.

Kimberly Nielson, Director of Operations, Birthday Party Project“Our mission is to bring joy to children through the magic of birthdays,” said Kimberly Nielsen, Director of Operations for the Birthday Party Project. “Not everybody has a home, but everybody has a birthday. To be able to bring that to a child who needs a little extra joy…It just brings communities together.”

Along with the Good Feeds Us All Tour, The Birthday Party Projects brings joy to children through a happy celebration

The Good Feeds Us All Tour has the following stops and organizations on schedule:

  • Be Strong (Louisville, Kentucky) is an organization focused on preventing bullying, isolation, and suicide among school-aged young people. The organization’s We Dine Together Initiative is student led and focuses on important acts of kindness in their communities
  • United Service Organizations, Inc. (Washington, DC Metro), founded during World War II, empowers connections by keeping United States servicemen and servicewomen connected to their families and communities while away from home
  • My Jump! (La Quinta, California) is a nonprofit organization that helps seniors achieve what’s left on their bucket lists, with a focus on those living at low-income
  • In-between these major initiatives that are part of the Good Feeds Us All Tour, the team will be celebrating and spotlighting random acts of kindness by individuals as they are discovered

“We want consumers to see that we care,” Fehrenbacher concluded. “The tour is about finding opportunities where sandwiches can connect people and be the catalyst to allow those connections to take place. This isn’t about us coming in to save the day. It’s about giving those who are already doing it a platform to share their stories.”

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