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Ines Rosales' Lucia Conejo-Mir Showcases Olive Oil Crackers and New Product

Friday, June 28th, 2024

New product alert! We recently learned that Ines Rosales has introduced the new Cocoa and Cayenne Pepper Crackers. I had the chance to chat with Lucia Conejo-Mir, Vice President of Sales, North America, to hear all about it.

Lucia Conejo-Mir, Vice President of Sales, North America, Ines Rosales“About three years ago we launched this brand-new product line called the Olive Oil Crackers. We are launching the Cocoa and Cayenne Pepper Crackers, which are really, really exciting. They're cocoa forward. The chili is very, very mild and it has that really funky fun delayed taste,” Lucia explained.

In addition to the cracker line, which is considered by Ines Rosales to be the affordable luxury, the supplier has what Lucia calls the Ferrari of crackers: Tortas handmade in Spain.

Ines Rosales has introduced a new addition to its portfolio: Cocoa and Cayenne Pepper Crackers“If I were to take one of these ladies [who are] hand patting our Tortas, they would be able to tell you whether they made it or not. To this day, we're still using the same technique, the same ingredients around that original recipe,” Lucia continued. “We've built other flavors: orange, lemon, cinnamon. And then we have rosemary thyme and a seasonal flavor, which is ginger spice.”

We are always delighted to learn more about this amazing company. Stick with us to continue learning!

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