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Jerry Silva Discusses Columbus Craft Meats' Pairing Opportunities

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

There’s a whole wide world out there, and in it, lies an endless amount of possibilities to up the eating experience across foodservice and retail. Columbus Craft Meats recognizes this, which is why the protein provider is leaning into helping customers across the supply chain—from its retail partners to the end-consumer—understand the intricacies of charcuterie pairings.

Columbus Craft Meats line of charcuterie products allows shoppers a quick, easy solution to their entertaining and dining experiences

While at last month’s Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS), I stopped by Columbus Craft Meats’ booth to chat with Jerry Silva, Territory Sales Manager, and see if I could pick his brain on the latest pairing innovations the company is introducing.

Jerry Silva, Sales Manager, Columbus Foods“We do it the same way they’ve been doing it for 102 years here in North Beach. Everyting is dry cured, we use fresh quality ingredients, and we never cut corners. From Dry Coppa, Prosciutto, Secchi—charcuterie is the rave, it’s the future, and pairing up these different flavor profiles not only shows how creative you can be, it also creates a wonderful unique experience for you and your family and your friends,” Jerry shared with me in regards to the end-consumer.

He specifically recommended building charcuterie boards with both spicy and sweet heat elements as a way of challenging other consumers to go beyond those flavors they normally wouldn’t pair together. This creates a stronger flavor profile and builds a memorable experience.

Columbus Craft Meats highlights pairing possibilities in order to boost the creativity of the category

Jerry then went on to explain how Columbus Craft Meats’ items allow “a quick easy solution for their entertaining experience and their dining experience. Just swing on by [the meat case], it’s already there, just pair it up in your basket.”

How can anyone resist that call to action? The DMN team sure can’t! For more inside looks at where industry leaders are guiding traditional categories, stay right here with Deli Market News.

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