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Jimmy Dean Introduces Sausage Wrapping Paper

Jimmy Dean Introduces Sausage Wrapping Paper

Friday, November 8th, 2019

I enjoy a good holiday sausage as much as the next girl but I’ve never thought about including the meat product in my holiday gift exchanges. And as consumers continue to want—and expect—food-themed gifts, it’s not surprising that companies like Jimmy Dean are chasing after the holiday gift segment. According to a report from delish, the company is once again promoting its Recipe Gift Exchange program. This program is simple: Cook a Jimmy Dean recipe, snap a picture, and submit it to the site! After that, consumers can choose the gift of their choice.

The gifts this year are quirky, running from a holiday apron with a sketch of Jimmy Dean’s face emblazoned across the front—you don’t want a cowboy on your clothing?—to a glass sausage ornament. The real kicker, though, is the sausage scented wrapping paper, which will make any holiday gift exchange super meaty. Because that’s what we’re all after, right folks?

If the sausage wrapping paper doesn’t cut it for you, or just doesn’t dial up the meat heat enough, you can also select from cowboy slippers, sausage-flavored candy canes, and sweet ’n’ savory lip balm.

Will other companies partake in campaigns like this? Deli Market News will continue to watch the developments as the holiday season progresses.

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