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John Caha and Specialty Food Sales' Jeff Landsman Create Specialty Independent Sales

John Caha and Specialty Food Sales' Jeff Landsman Create Specialty Independent Sales

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

We here at Deli Market News love when new things form, and what better entity to be born than one for the specialty food sector? Combining 100 years of experience, Jeff Landsman and John Caha have melded minds to create Specialty Independent Sales with the intent to broker and sell to conventional, natural, discount, dollar, gourmet, and alternative retailers.

“Most of our peers are golfing or sitting at the beach,” commented Landsman on the new business formation. “But John and I love what we do and just want to grow something more, together!”

Jeff Landsman and John Caha have joined forces to create Specialty Independent Sales

Landsman founded Specialty Food Sales in 2010. According to the release, he has been primarily in sales and operations as a producer, distributor, and broker since the ’70s. He started his career working in his family’s food processing business that was located in New York and had production and distribution facilities in Upstate New York and in Southern Florida. In 1981, he traveled to DC, Maryland, and Virginia (otherwise known as the DMV) growing the Häagen-Dazs brand and other frozen specialty food products.

“John and I see things from different perspectives and we have very different personalities. We really complement each other! I believe that our one plus one will be equal to 3!” Landsman continued. “The future holds the real story. With one hundred years of experience, together, we know a few things and can offer a lot to prospective clients!”

John Caha, Co-Owner, Specialty Food SalesCaha makes the other half of this dynamic duo. He has been in the grocery business for 50 years specializing in sales, purchasing, and operations. Caha has spent time with Dollar Tree, Weis Markets, Walmart, and other retailers in purchasing and operations and has worked in sales with food producers and brokerage companies. In addition, he founded IFSCO in 2018, a broker focusing on dollar, club, and supermarket retailers.

The two have been friendly business associates for over ten years, so this new venture comes as no surprise.

“Our experience and love of the business motivate us every day, and I am just not good at golf!” quipped Caha. “We have helped each other over the years with referrals and suggestions. Finally, we came up with a plan that seems to have worked, based on it resulting in a million-dollar product sale. With that great result, it just seemed to be a great fit and. As they say, timing is everything!”

Specialty Independent Sales will operate within the East Coast from North Carolina to New England and will offer more personalized expertise than many brokers since it doesn’t represent an inordinate line of companies, stated the press release. The pair jointly stated they prefer to work with a smaller group of clients as it allows them to give clients “best-in-class services that result in a higher volume of sales. Quality over quantity!”

The new venture was formed with the intent to broker and sell to conventional, natural, discount, dollar, gourmet, and alternative retailers

Currently, Specialty Independent Sales represents multiple retail and supermarkets alongside disruptive food brands. While many of the lines represented are sold in the center store, Specialty Independent also sells in virtually all perimeter departments including deli, produce, dairy, bakery, and grab and go.

Additionally, Specialty Independent will be aggressively pursuing new business and looking for new accounts to represent. Both gentlemen will be providing equal services for their customers, and clients and will maintain their current offices in Towson and in Olney, Maryland, respectively.

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