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Käserei Champignon Shares Details of New Brie Cheese

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

While the number of providers in the cheese category is plentiful, each cheesemaker brings something unique to the table. And the effect is a category that knows no bounds in terms of growth, innovation, and deliciousness. While at Winter Fancy Food Show, Käserei Champignon was exemplifying this to a tee, especially as it showcased a new delectable triple cream soft ripened cheese, its Champignon Mushroom Brie.

Carsten Buschmann, Senior Sales Manager West Coast, Champignon North America“The cheese is triple cream, made with pasteurized cow’s milk, exclusively from our Allgäu region in Bavaria, Germany,” Carsten Buschmann, Senior Sales Manager, West Coast, explained to me on the show floor. “The mushrooms are actually harvested to perfection and then handpicked.”

Carsten noted that the brie includes Champignon mushrooms—or, as we like to call them in the U.S., white/button mushrooms. While the unique addition of mushrooms adds more depth to the flavor profiles of a classic cheese, Carsten also revealed that they put the Mushroom Brie in a class of its own.

 Käserei Champignon’s Champignon Mushroom Brie touts high-quality milk from Germany and a mouthwatering taste

“The Champignon mushroom brie is the only soft ripened cheese with mushrooms in them,” Carsten emphasized. “And you can prepare [this item] perfectly with salami or champagne—so sweet and savory.”

To hear more about Champignon’s innovative offerings, watch our exclusive interview above. And for more news like this, keep reading Deli Market News.

Käserei Champignon